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Cryotherapy: Safe & Effective at ChillRx

Does the idea of exposing your body to -220 degrees Fahrenheit put you into a cold sweat?

New cryotherapy clients are often anxious about their first cryotherapy experience. As with everything else in life—exposure to extreme cold is all about context. Let us explain….

  1. Extremely cold temperatures (as found in cryotherapy) are tolerable in the absence of moisture. Frostbite cannot occur in a dry environment. At Chill Cryotherapy, we are dedicated to dehumidification & ensuring that our clients are 100 percent dry before cryotherapy.
  2. At Chill Cryotherapy, we limit whole body cryotherapy sessions to 3 minutes. Hypothermia cannot occur in this timespan—it would take more than double this amount of time. At Chill Cryotherapy we NEVER push the cold envelope! Your safety is our number one priority at all times.
  3. Chill Cryotherapy cryotechnicians are professionals in the health & wellness industry. Our technicians are Registered Nurses, kinesiologists, yoga instructors and aestheticians. They are rigorously trained in the highest safety standards and will never compromise client safety for any reason. At Chill, our cryotechnicians will never leave your side during your treatment and are constantly monitoring your feedback to ensure your safety.

Chill Cryotherapy has a medical advisor on staff to monitor our operations and treatment programs. We are constantly innovating our processes and systems to maximize client safety and benefit from cryotherapy treatment.

Recently we have added infrared sauna to our menu of services. Our clients are experiencing “Fire & Ice”—a combination treatment offering infrared sauna treatment followed by whole body and/or local cryotherapy. Inspired by the Scandinavian banya (sauna followed by cold plunge into an icy river!), clients are experiencing deep detoxification, pain & inflammation relief and incredible muscle and tissue relaxation. Need sleep? Fire & Ice provides the deepest, most rejuvenating sleep!!

We exist to elevate the health, fitness and beauty of our clients. On this, we will never compromise!! Visit us at 50 Upper Montclair Plaza in Upper Montclair, .

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