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Bleach Bright is professional-grade teeth whitening that is safe and cost-effective. You will have a whiter smile in 40 minutes or less! Bleach Bright is performed with a flexible plastic tray that is full of safe hydrogen peroxide whitening agents and other ingredients. A spectrum blue LED light with precise settings is positioned directly on the upper and lower teeth to activate the whitening gel for 15 to 20 minutes. The effects of one treatment will last an average of 6 to 12 months!

Bleach Bright Teeth Whitening

Bleach Bright Teeth Whitening FAQs

How does Bleach Bright work?

You will receive a Bleach Bright one-size-fits-all double-sided mouthpiece that is pre-filled with special whitening gel. Our BB-Cool Advanced III light is then placed between the upper and lower teeth. Carbamide peroxide and oxygen will break into water molecules and free hydroxyl radicals. The oxygen radicals combined with carbon-based molecules on a discolored surface remove discoloration. This process penetrates the tooth enamel but does not damage it.

How long does the whitening process take?

Results vary according to the condition of your teeth and your age. At ChillRx Montclair, we recommend a 20-minute whitening treatment for best results followed by a 10-minute application of BluMinerals Sealant. The total treatment time is about 40 minutes!

How long will the LED whitening last? On average, the LED whitening will last six months to 1 year. This depends on how you treat your teeth. If you’re a smoker or coffee drinker and don’t brush your teeth, it will be close to 6 months. If you brush daily and don’t smoke or drink coffee, it can last up to a year or more.

Is Bleach Bright safe?

Research has shown that if the teeth and gums are normal and healthy, there are no adverse effects to bleaching one’s teeth. People with tooth decay and/or gum disease should avoid teeth whitening. We do not treat pregnant women because their teeth and gums can be more sensitive.

Will it make my teeth sensitive? 98% of our customers feel no sensitivity, just a little tingling from the peroxide bubbling up. Our products produce no sensitivity because we have 20% Potassium Nitrate in the formula. This is the active ingredient in sensitivity-alleviating toothpaste.

Will BleachBright whiten my crown? 

No. There is no product that whitens unnatural teeth.

How many shades will I whiten? 

Before the whitening, there is no way to tell. The average is 2-8 shades depending on where you start on the shade guide. For instance, if you start on the 4th whitest shade, you obviously can’t whiten eight shades. On the other hand, if you start at the 2nd darkest shade, you could potentially go more than eight shades. The average is 2 – 8.

Is BleachBright safe for my enamel? 

Anything you put into your mouth besides water has the potential to damage your enamel. But Bleach Bright teeth whitening is less harmful to your enamel than drinking orange juice, which was proven by a University of Rochester study that was printed in dental journals. Additionally, the application of BluMinerals sealant will strengthen your enamel.

Can I eat after the whitening?

As long as you’ve applied the BluMinerals sealer for 10 minutes under the high-powered LED light after your whitening, you can eat and drink whatever you prefer with no restriction. The Blu Minerals seal the pores of the teeth protecting your investment. It also is a vitamin for the teeth and remineralizes your smile.

Are there any side effects? 

Some people may experience tingling during treatment. This is normal. The only two side effects after treatment are sensitivity and blanching. Sensitivity occurs in less than 2% of people and can be prevented by vitamin E. Blanching is the whitening of the gums that occurs if too much peroxide gets on the customer’s gums. This is not painful and will dissipate within a few hours.

Is BleachBright better than drugstore whitening systems?

BleachBright uses similar active ingredients to whitening systems found in drugstores, but we use light to accelerate the process. So instead of waiting 7-30 days for whiter teeth, your teeth will whiten in 20 minutes.

Who benefits from Bleach Bright?

Almost everyone can benefit from Bleach Bright whitening, but teeth cannot be bleached whiter than their original baseline color. Bleach Bright teeth whitening is not recommended for kids under the age of 18 without parental consent.

Does Bleach Bright work if you have tetracycline or minocycline stains?

If you have staining from medications, ask your dentist if whitening is right for you.

Will the temperature of the LED light harm my teeth?

No, the cool blue light does not go over 3 degrees above your body temperature.


As long as Blu Minerals sealer was applied, there is no aftercare.  If you did not utilize the sealer, avoid consuming coffee, tea, cola, or anything that would stain a white t-shirt for 24 hours.  If you have tooth sensitivity, it will be temporary, but using vitamin E oil or sensitivity toothpaste will bring relief immediately. It is suggested that you brush and floss as directed by your dentist.


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